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Family Catering Business
A Family Tradition for
50 Years

Our family’s tradition of serving up great food for the public began in 1959 when my uncle Bob Johnston took a job at the 1950s-style Kreamie Kream restaurant in White Settlement, Texas. 

Complete with drive-in speakers, car hops and famous 50 cent “Frisco Burgers” among other local favorites, he would eventually purchase the business in 1966 and add another location named after his oldest son Ricky in 1969.  

For over 40 years, Bob and his wife Sandy, along with their sons Ricky and Ronnie, served up great food and old-fashion Texas hospitality to generations of White Settlement families.


Many of Bob's customers had grown up knowing the Kreamie Kream and Rickey's as part of their daily lives. For them, they were more than just places to eat, they were gathering places where wonderful memories were etched into their hearts. 


Eventually, competition from large chain restaurants forced Bob to close the Kreamie Kream in December 2000 and Rickey's in December 2006.

A family tradition for over 50 years! The original Kreamie Kream and Rickey's menus.
A family tradition for over 50 years! Bob Johnston and his sons Ronnie and Ricky.
A family tradition for over 50 years. My dad Jerry and Bob Johnston.
A family tradition for over 50 years! My dad and his brother started smoking BBQ behind the Kreamie Kream in 1976.

Meanwhile, Bob and my dad Jerry Johnston started smoking ribs and brisket behind the Kreamie Kream around 1976. It turned into a tradition whenever my dad was in Fort Worth on temporary duty for the Air Force.


The story goes that a case of beer and some late-night hours later, these two brothers cooked up some of the best of real Texas BBQ.


We're still not sure if they did it for the beer or the BBQ but either way, it was some good eatin!

After closing the Kreamie Kream and Ricky’s, Bob continued serving up some of the best BBQ in Texas, taking his smoker to local events and catering special events in his barn on his Fort Worth ranch.


His only request for life-long customers, “You bring the beer and the band and I’ll bring the BBQ!" He makes exceptions for local church groups and I hear the BBQ is just as good!.

Bob Johnston is retired now but still smokes BBQ for life-long customers and friends from ranch in Fort Worth, Texas.
My uncle, Bob Johnston visited Kentucky in 2017 and gave me the "thumbs up" for our Texas-style BBQ and southern sides.
My dad, Jerry Johnston finally gave me the secret rub recipe when I turned 50!

Dad went on to develop “Big Daddy’s Rub” and “Big Daddy’s Arkansauce”, the bedrock of our delicious Texas-style BBQ. It wasn't until I turned 50 that he finally gave me the recipes but swore me to don't ask!


In 2017, Bob and my dad visited Northern Kentucky and we were thrilled to receive a big Texas "thumbs up" for our ribs and southern sides from the Johnston brothers who taught our family the love of genuine Texas BBQ. 


It's been our family's joy to serve up great food and real southern hospitality to generations of Texans and we look forward to serving you!

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